About Us

Speed Lovers

We have an outstanding track record in fast and express shipments.

Since 2004 a team of more than 50 people are willing to share with you their know-how and experience by offering high quality transport services.

As a part of its Values, Dexell Spedition attends to every detail, customizing its services to each client’s needs. Our customers are large and small, in and outside Romania.

According to our company’s policy, which we have promoted on the Romanian market of services since the very beginning, we have ceaselessly tried to optimize our services and confer them outstanding personality. Moreover, we are in the position to provide prompt and cost effective solutions for fast and express shipments.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Dexell Spedition services comprises Road Transport, Time Critical and Warehousing.

Striving to be better.

Dexell Spedition has established a reputation as a market leader in Time Critical Services. These services include the collection, transport and delivery of general cargo for our clients. With our long experience in fast shipments, we know in detail how good flows work. Given the diversity of our customers, we are also used to tackling problems from several angles. We can pass on our know-how and experience to new customers and refine our proven concepts to meet their needs.

We love to learn.

At Dexell Spedition we aim to provide International Transportation to the highest standards of reliability and quality. Above and beyond the ISO:9001 certification we got. Our innovative approach to meeting customer requirements provides the flexibility to meet a constantly changing market. For example, provision of daily and weekly performance summaries for all projects, and participation in joint quality programs with major clients to maintain performance standards.

The backbone of these activities is Dexell Spedition' own vehicles and warehouse. Therefore, using our own assets we are in the position to provide, at high standards and very competitive prices, the shipment of your goods all over Europe.